devry busn350 all weeks discussion latest 2105 july [ all 14 discussions ]

| June 7, 2016

week 1

Business Analyst Skills (graded)
Search the open job listings on the web, identify and post one new open position that requires business analyst skills. Describe some required business analyst skills.

Business Analysis Processes (graded)
Describe the key processes used to manage business analysis activities. Share examples of how you might begin to apply those key processes.

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week 2
Stakeholders (graded)
Given a project to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program in an organization, outline a stakeholder analysis. Describe and discuss inputs and outputs for the stakeholder analysis process.

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Change Management (graded)
Identify some change management processes that are occurring around you in your industry or business. Describe and discuss how business analysis, stakeholder analysis, communication, requirements management, and performance management are used to address change management.

week 3

Assessing Requirements (graded)
Given the results from your survey project, describe the subsequent tasks involved in identifying stakeholders concerns and then the tasks followed for stating requirements.

Elicitation Techniques (graded)
Compare and contrast the use of two elicitation techniques for gathering information. How could you use these concepts in your professional activities?

week 4

Requirements Planning and Communication (graded)
Explain why communicating requirements are critically important to help bring stakeholders to a common understanding? Explain how requirements would be communicated, understood, and used by the stakeholders in your project.

Requirement Analysis (graded)
Describe how the Visio project supports enterprise and requirements analysis. Discuss the use of analysis tools in management decision support and other parts of the business.

week 5

Enterprise Analysis (graded)
As the strategic part of the project cycle, describe some ways a business analyst can identify constraints and define criteria to prioritize projects. Share an example.

dis 2

Analysis Validation (graded)
How does creating a domain model aid in validating solution scope with business and technical stakeholders? How could you use this concept in your professional activities?

week 6

Identifying Solutions (graded)
Describe and discuss the business analysis techniques used to compare multiple solution alternatives for your Course Project.

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Implementing Project Objectives (graded)
Describe and discuss the situations to use process modeling, decision analysis, and functional decomposition to facilitate implementation of project objectives.

week 7

Software Tools (graded)
Compare and contrast two software tools, and discuss how these tools are applied in business analysis. What could be done to improve these tools, in your opinion?

diss 2

Conflict Management (graded)
If you had two stakeholders that were adamantly opposed to the solution you had identified, discuss how you might facilitate and negotiate a solution between these two stakeholders.

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