devry busn 379 all weks discussions

| August 14, 2017

week 1 discussion

Financial Management (graded)

What are some of the most
important financial management decisions? Can you provide some real-life

Business Ethics (graded)

Do you believe that the firm’s
social responsibilities conflict with the ultimate goal of shareholder’s wealth
maximization? Consider issues such as the protection of the environment and the
creation of jobs.

Week 2 discussions

Time Value of Money (graded)

Why does money have a time value?
Can you provide at least one real-life scenario in which you can apply the
concept of “time value of money?”

Loans and Interest Rates (graded)

What is the difference between the
annual percentage rate (APR) and the effective annual rate (EAR)? Which rate do
you believe is more relevant for financial decisions and why?

Week 3 discussions

Bond Valuation & Risk (graded)

What are some of the most
important risks associated with bonds?

Stock Valuation (graded)

How do dividends impact the value
of a share of stock? Are there any instances in which companies should not pay

Week 4 discussions

Capital Budgeting (graded)

What are some examples of
incremental project cash flows?

Project Risk (graded)

What factors increase the
riskiness of a project?

Week 5 discussions

Basics of Risk (graded)

What is the difference between systematic and
non-systematic risk? What are some examples of each?

Measuring Risk (graded)

What are some statistical measures of risk and what
type of risk do they measure?

week 6 discussions

Cost of Capital (graded)

How can you explain the concept of
cost of capital? Do you believe that a firm should use the same cost of capital
for all of its projects? Why or why not?

Leverage (graded)

What is the impact of financial
leverage on wealth creation? What is the relationship between financial
leverage and risk?

Week 7 discussions

Short-Term Planning (graded)

How are the operating and cash
cycles of the firm different? Why are they important?

Cash Management (graded)

What strategies can a firm use to optimize its cash

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