devry bis155 week 5,6 and 7 discussions latest 2105

| June 5, 2016

week 5

Data Consolidation and What-if Analysis (graded)
Discuss and compare the data consolidation and What-If analysis Excel tools. Under what circumstances would you use each of these tools? Do they both serve the same purpose, or is each one used under different scenarios? Give examples of how each can be used.

week 6

Bringing It All Together (graded)
This week will be an opportunity to share ideas and approaches to the Excel course project. What are some spreadsheet features you will use to make your spreadsheet professional, readable, reliable, and repeatable? Which spreadsheet functions and data analysis types do you think will be the most challenging to implement in this project? What questions do you have about those functions and types of data analysis?

This section lists options that can be used to view responses.

week 7

Database Decisions (graded)
Discuss the differences between storing data in Access and Excel. Why would you use a spreadsheet over a database? At what point does it become more efficient to store your data in a database rather than a spreadsheet? If you are deciding whether to use a spreadsheet or database, what questions should you consider?

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