Devry BIS155 week 4 quiz

| September 28, 2018

Question 1.1.(TCO 8) Which of the following is one of the most common file types imported into Excel? (Points : 2) PowerPoint Word Text WebQuestion 2.2.(TCO 8) To create a connection between the original data source and the imported data in Excel, use the ________ on the Data tab. (Points : 2) Data Validation command Commands in the Get External Data group Edit Links command Connection commandQuestion 3.3.(TCO 8) All of the following will display data range properties EXCEPT: (Points : 2) click Connections then click Properties.Pool 4, MC 2 Points Each click Properties in the Connections Group. click Refresh All arrow and select Connection Properties. click Edit Links.Question 4.4.(TCO 8) Text to Columns command splits text in one column into separate ________. (Points : 2) columns rows workbooks worksheetsQuestion 5.5.(TCO 8) Which of the following is an example of a text string? (Points : 2) John Doe =SUM(A5:A10) =IF(B3>B4, B3) =B5*B7Question 6.6.(TCO 8) To change the text string JANE doe to jane doe, use the ________ function. (Points : 2) UPPER PROPER LOWER CONCATENATEQuestion 7.7.(TCO 8) Which of the following functions does not change the case or capitalization of text? (Points : 2) CAPS PROPER LOWER UPPERQuestion 8.8.(TCO 8) When the data source you select for a mail merge is an Excel workbook that has more than one worksheet, what does Word do? (Points : 2) Automatically uses the data from the last worksheet in the workbook. Automatically uses the data from the first worksheet in the workbook. Displays an error message and is unable to continue. Displays a list of the worksheet names and lets you pick which one to use.Question 9.9.(TCO 8) In Excel, the Compare and Merge command is located on which of the following tabs? (Points : 2) Data tab Review tab File tab None of the aboveQuestion 10.10.(TCO 8) An alternative method for inserting a comment in a cell includes: (Points : 2) clicking paste on the Home tab after typing in the comment. right-click the cell and choose Insert Comment. left-click the cell and choose Insert Comment. typing the comment into the cell and then clicking New Comment.Question 11.11.(TCO 8) The ________ tab on the Page Setup dialog box provides options for printing comments. (Points : 2) Sheet Page Header/Footer MarginsQuestion 12.12.(TCO 8) An Excel file saved as a .pdf does all the following EXCEPT: (Points : 2) prevents users from printing the file. can be viewed on multiple computer systems and platforms. preserves the formatting. prevents editing.Question 13.13.(TCO 8) The ________ command displays additional document properties such as Company. (Points : 2) Show Fewer Properties Show All Properties Permissions OptionsQuestion 14.14.(TCO 8) To join two or more text strings into one text string, you can use the ___________. (Points : 2) Merge and Center command on the Home tab of the Ribbon CONCATENATE function Street Address Convert Text to Columns WizardQuestion 15.15.(TCO 8) You can identify duplicate rows in a table using the _________. (Points : 2) Data Validation menu in the Data Tools group on the Data tab of the Ribbon PivotTable command in the Tables group on the Insert tab of the Ribbon Conditional Formatting command in the Styles group on the Home tab of the Ribbon Error Checking command in the Formula Auditing group on the Formulas tab of the Ribbon

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