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| June 14, 2016

Course Project: Peachtree Project
Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page.

(See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due dates.)″>Your Assignment|″>Grading Rubrics
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Students will be required to complete a project in this class that tests their knowledge & skills in managing the books for a small business using Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010. The assignments that you will be completing during Week 1 – 4 focus on specific Peachtree skills; however, this assignment allows you to use what you have learned about Peachtree to manage the books for a firm without \’step-by-step\’ guidance, which is typical for assignments you will see in the workplace.

You will complete Project 1 (Susan Watson Accounting), which is located at the end of Chapter 11. As part of this project, you will generate the required reports as listed in the textbook as well as the Check Your Progress worksheet (which you will create in Excel) at the end of the project.

If you fail to submit the “Check Your Progress” worksheet, you will lose 20%. Once you have submitted your project and it has been graded, you cannot resubmit it.
You will need to generate the reports when requested per the project for you cannot assume that every report is generated at the end of the project.
You do not need to submit the reports as listed as “Optional”. All of the instructions for completing the project are listed in the textbook.

When you are done, you will submit one Excel workbook titled “ACCT251PeachProject” that contains an Excel worksheet for each of the reports required, as well as one worksheet that contains the Check Your Progress worksheet.

Failure to submit one workbook that contains everything will result in a penalty of 15%. Once you have completed Peachtree Project, you will post your assignment to the Peachtree Project drop box. If you post it to the wrong drop box, your assignment will not be graded.
Hint: Here are the minimum number of reports that you will need to submit for this project:

Checklist of Printouts, Project 1: Mesa Computer Club

Chart of Accounts


Account Reconciliation

Account Register

General Ledger Trial Balance (unadjusted)

December 31, 2010 General Journal

Cash Disbursement Journal

General Ledger Trial Balance (adjusted)

General Ledger

Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Statement of Retained Earnings

Statement of Cash Flow

Statement of Changes in Financial Position


Postclosing Trial Balance
Once you have completed this assignment, you will post your assignment to the Course Projectdrop box. If you post it to the wrong drop box, your assignment will not be graded. In addition, once the project has been submitted and graded, you cannot resubmit to include missing documents. See Syllabus/”Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due dates.

Grading Rubrics”>Back to Top
Category Points Description
Transactional Processing 70 Your ability to convert a manual accounting system to Peachtree, create the correct beginning balances, record the appropriate accounting transactions, generate the required reports, and close the accounting period.
Analysis 20 Your ability to answer a series of analysis questions related to the assignment.
Organization & Cohesiveness 10 Your ability to organize the results from the project as indicated by your instructor.
Total 100 A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.”>

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