devry acct244 week 1 and week 2 discussions latest 2015

| June 10, 2016

week 1

Ethics in Cost Accounting (graded)
Jason is a staff accountant for a large company that does a lot of work with the Defense Department. He has just discovered that overhead costs for some of the company’s private customers has been incorrectly charged to government contracts. It appears that several people on the management team have knowledge, and may have assisted, in the over-charging of costs to these contracts, although he is not sure if the controller was involved. What are his ethical responsibilities and choices?

Cost Accounting and Decision Making (graded)
You are considering lending a car to a friend so that he can drive to New Orleans. What costs would you ask him to reimburse? How would your answer change if you decided to go along? Identify the possible options, and explain your choices.

week 2

Cost Behavior (graded)
In evaluating product profitability, we can ignore marketing costs because they are not considered product costs.

Do you agree with the previous statement?

CVP Analysis (graded)
I am going to work for a nonprofit organization. Because there are no profits, I will not be able to apply any CVP analysis to my work.

Do you agree with the previous statement? Why or why not?

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