Develop Strategic Initiatives for an Acute Care Hospital

| June 4, 2016

Develop Strategic Initiatives for an Acute Care Hospital.

The criteria is:

Determine the key planning components of an Acute Care Hospital—including the mission, vision, core values, goals, and governance

Develop a mission statement that identifies what is distinct about the organization and includes examples of actions that align with the mission statement.
Develop a vision statement that includes a strategic analysis identifying how the organization will look when the mission is accomplished.
Determine the values that guide the principles of the organization and explains why these values were selected.
Determine the strategic goals and outcomes the organization will achieve based on its mission and provides an analysis of the strategic goals.
Determine and list your strategic initiatives. Be sure your strategic initiatives competitively position your organization for success 10 years from now. Write a summary of your strategic initiatives.

Include an introduction, body, and conclusion in your paper.

2–3 pages

2-3 references

APA Format

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