Designer Drugs Use

| February 6, 2016

Designer Drugs Use

When writing, ensure to be objective and use active voice and avoid expressions like “we” found this or that. For example, use: The research indicates that Designer Drugs use potentially hospitalizes or kills users with just one dose. That is preferred over: We found out that Designer Drugs use hospitalized or killed users with just one dose.

Sentences should have the word “is” (active voice) over the word “was” (past tense) whenever possible (if active words like “indicates” aren’t used for example, but sometimes when referring to the past it’s ok to use “was” of course. It may also be helpful to ensure active voice by using words that end in “s” like: indicates, decides, or purchases – instead of past tense words like indicated, decided, and purchased.

–The key stakeholders must be identified, along with their specific
perspectives and mental models.

–Assessment of Problem System Behavior and Design of Improved System :
* The problem behavior, “As Is” system, design improvements, and “To Be” systems are
clearly described and written up as noted in the presentation outline above.
The attached documents for As-Is is labeled 1.0-1.5 and the To-Be is labeled 2.0. The Stakeholders is also attached.

Systemigram use:
* Was the systemigram developed in accordance with the guidelines?
* Was it presented in a way to facilitate understanding and insights, i.e., threaded
with discussion, or just a big mass of nodes with no additional narrative?

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