Describe below in a 1-2 page essay format/ APA/ Times New Roman/12pg font/ Double Spaced

| January 31, 2017

Describe below in a 1-2 page essay format/ APA/ Times New Roman/12pg font/ Double Spaced


This company was founded by Anita Roddick in 1976. It has grown since its inception and is now the 27 th most respected organization in the world, according to The Financial Times. The products produced by The Body Shop include high quality skin and body care items. This organization started in Brighton, England and now has over 1,900 outlets in 50 countries around the globe. The company’s mission statement claims the organization’ intent is, “To courageously ensure that our business is ecologically sustainable; meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future.”

Explore this informative Website. Prepare a two-page report indicating your responses to the following questions. You should be prepared to discuss your findings within the class. Describe this organization’s structure. Create a hypothetical job description and job specification for this company to utilize during the hiring process. (Imagine there is a vacant entry-level management position that needs to be filled.) How could The Body Shop provide job enrichment to its employees? Which type of approach to job design bests fits with this organization? Why?


William Proctor and James Gamble started a small family operated soap and candle company in 1837. Today, the P&G community consists of nearly 98,000 people working in almost 80 countries worldwide and provides products and services of superior quality and value to consumers in 140 countries. With values of leadership, integrity, trust, ownership, and passion for winning, P&G believes that its employees are its most important asset.

Explore the information on this Website. Identify information to respond to following questions and prepare a two-page report to be discussed in the class. Based on the information given on the Website, develop and analyze the organizational (corporate) structure of P&G. Do you believe the structure is effective? What, if any, changes would you recommend? Explain.

Identify and select a job function of your interest under U.S. career choice link. What skills and qualifications are required for the job of your choice? What career path does the organization offer? Is this of interest to you and would you consider working for P&G? Explain.

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