Demonstrate your understanding of legal framework of complex infrastructure

| November 30, 2018

Demonstrate your understanding of legal framework of complex infrastructure/building projects within the Australian Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry ● Demonstrate your understanding of the legal impact of different risk related to complex projects and contract conditions ● Demonstrate application of your critical analysis skills in identifying potential impacts of breaching contract, employment and Industry Relations (IR) laws Apply the principals of a legal risk management in order to make recommendations to solve problems in construction projects
Using the case study of the Victorian Desalination Plant (VDP) project completed in 2014, prepare a technical report that addresses the following:
1. Provide a two-paragraph summary of the project’s scope and objectives 2. Identify 5 relevant Regulations that are applicable to the VDP project, discussing the role of the regulation on the project. Clearly reference the source of the identified Regulations. 3. Critique the type of contract that was used for the project, identifying how risk is typically apportioned between clients and contractors/consortium in this type of contract

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