Demonstrate, with reference to appropriate theory, how any four (4)

| March 17, 2019

Demonstrate, with reference to appropriate theory, how any four (4) of the driving forces for change and any three (3) of the restraining forces against change could be applied in Billy’s Awesome Seafood Company Limited.
Question 2 Delegation       Using the model found at the following  link, outline the steps you would take to make sure that the task of investigating the reasons behind the number of complaints and coming up with workable solutions was effectively delegated to the selected staff:          
Question 3 Team Leadership                   You have decided to delegate the task of coming up with plans for the future to a small group of your staff., who will be drawn from different areas of the business Demonstrate how they are likely to work through Tuckman’s 5 stages of group development. Your explanation should give examples of the leadership behaviours that are likely to happen at each stage in the process.  
Question 4 Group Leadership        When delegating tasks to groups, managers recognise that individuals in the group will take on one or more membership roles within the group. Their role will fall into the category of either a Group-task role, Group-maintenance role, or Self-orientated role. Knowing the roles that their people are likely to feel most `comfortable` performing may be a factor in who you delegate to be on the group in the first place. Show how one (1) specific role from each group of roles could be played as your group works to come up with plans to improve the future of the business.     

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