Delivery and Review Describe your process for maintaining

| May 16, 2019

Delivery and Review Describe your process for maintaining and developing your requirements as the project progresses to delivery of product increments. What tools will you use? Relate these specifically to your previous sections. 6.1 Strategy Apply the Agile Extension Strategy horizon to your project. Describe:  The recommended change  Your recommendations for specific initiatives at a strategic level of detail Provide a model supporting one initiative recommendation 7 Project Management Describe your approach to project management for this project 7.1 The PMBOK: a discussion Unlike the rest of this folio, this section is a discussion of theory and how it would apply in this situation. Describe how the knowledge areas of the PMBOK would be applied to your project. For each, discuss the differences between traditional project management and Agile project management. This discussion will provide background material supporting your work in the next section. 7.2 APM Framework Describe your application of the APM Framework. Outline your project management process against each element of the framework, detailing: What you will do  How and when you will do it  Completed artefacts (for the initial Envision phase, referring to the material in sections 1-5 of your Folio as needed) • Prepared templates (for the management of the project)

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