Defining factors in successful IT projects

| August 31, 2017

Defining factors in successful IT projects
In the annals of IT projects, some projects are huge successes, and others are dismal failures. Successful IT projects have changed the way the world works, learns and communicates and made millions, if not, billions. However, the pain of failed projects can be just as intense as the glory of successful projects. Often times, IT project failures are highly visible within an organisation, and sometimes throughout the national or international media.

The literature reports many studies of IT project successes and failures. In this Discussion, you will consider the factors that make an IT project successful.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Identify a successful IT project reported in the literature
To complete this Discussion:

Post:Analyse the factors that made the project you selected successful. Discuss your rationale for each of your answers.


MAX 500 words without the references section.

It requires at least 4 references cited, and one referenced figure or image.

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