Define the concept of management. Describe the major functions of the management

| February 25, 2017

Please read each question carefully. Each question is worth 10 points.

Define the concept of management. Describe the major functions of the management process and why they are important. Describe the roles of the manager as outlined by Mintzberg.
1. Describe the five major factors that have influenced the evolution of management thought. Identify the five major perspectives of management thought.

2. Describe the major behavioral perspective contributions of Follett, Mayo, McGregor, and Barnard.

3. Define the concept of corporate social responsibility. What are the two premises advanced by Bowen in his original definition of social responsibility?

4. Define strategic management. Describe the process of strategic management. How are the four stages of the process interrelated? Describe the three grand strategies discussed, as well as the generic strategies. Explain how an organization can establish a competitive advantage.

Describe the managerial function of planning, explaining what it is and why managers should plan. What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with top-down and bottom-up planning?
Describe the nature of the decision-making process and list each of its seven steps. Define Rational-economic model and Behavioral model in decision.
Explain the concept of organizing for effectiveness and efficiency. Give three examples of corporations who have achieved a competitive advantage through effectiveness and efficiency and explain why. Define effectiveness, efficiency, delegating and job design.
8. The competitive pressures of today’s business climate (such as stronger global competition, advancing technology, greater demands from consumers) have forced many firms to reconsider how they might operate more effectively and more efficiently. Identify and research at least three organizations that have responded to such pressures by reassessing and adjusting their organizational system. Have their efforts been effective?

9. What is culture? How does culture affect change within organizations?

10. Define Leadership. What are the three primary approaches to leadership? There are 7 types of Power that we have learned about in class. Define them and give an example of each.

11. What is the difference between Transformational Leadership and Situational Leadership? How does the leader within the organization build teams, motivate workers and empower individuals? Give specific theories, examples.

12. What is motivation? Identify and explain two Motivational Theories. Using the 2 theories, give a “real world” example of how these theories can be used to motivate individuals in the workplace.

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