Deed 705 Applied Psychology of Learning

| September 16, 2020


A reflection essay. In Unit 2, we discussed these questions: What is learning? Why is learning important to human beings? Why is studying learning important? After a semester’s learning, have you changed your thoughts? Based on your current understanding of learning and instruction, write an essay to discuss this central question: Why is studying learning important? In your essay, focus on describing your understanding of the questions: What is learning? What is instruction? How are learning and instruction related to each other? Why is studying learning important? You do not have to focus on a specific type of learning or learning theories. However, you should clearly define terminology important to the study of learning, such as epistemology, philosophy, theory, principle, learning theory, instructional theory, and instructional design. A rubric specifying the grading criteria is provided below. The instructor will use the criteria in the rubric to evaluate your essay. Maximum three pages. Include references to support your thoughts. (100 points)

Reflection Paper Rubric
Points Possible
Points Earned
Includes a clear statement of essay purpose
Why studying learning is important
You should respond to the prompt establish by the instructor: Why is studying learning important? Your writing should reflect your original thoughts on the topic being discussed. Your points of views are supported with details or concrete examples.
Provides a conclusion of your essay. The conclusion should summarize the main things you want your readers to know after reading the essay.
Interest Level
Vocabulary varied, supporting details vivid, generally well written with smooth and consistent transitions, etc.; graphics are a plus, but not required; the same for color.
Grammar & Spelling
All grammar and spelling are correct, that is, no errors.
Follows closely APA formatting/style as well as the specific instructions contained in the Syllabus.

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