Dear sir/ madam, I hope you doing well..

| March 16, 2019

Dear sir/ madam, I hope you doing well.. I attached three files and if you read this instruction I appreciate that for you. Introduction: There is an increasing volume of published research accessible to health professionals. With ever changing developments and new evidence it is also important to have strategies to access and interpret this material so that you can provide the best care to your patients. To ensure you that you can safely use evidence to influence your clinical decision making, you need to have skills in assessing the quality and relevance of the research you find, these skills are described as critical appraisal. Aim The aim of this assignment is for students to critically appraise a selected published randomised controlled trial (RCT) and to apply what you have found to a clinical scenario. Students are required to: Summarise the provided study using the PICOT framework  Critically appraise the validity of the study using an established framework Explain the primary study results Relate the appraised study evidence to the clinical scenario Assignment Presentation The following is a guide to standard presentation requirements: Assignment pages should be identifiable only by the inclusion of the relevant student number and subject code on each page. This allows “blind” marking of assignments. Assignments must be typed using double spacing and size 11 or 12 font Text must be left justified and presented with margins of at least 2cms (right margin) and 4cm (left margin)  All pages must be numbered consecutively from the title page. Referencing must conform to American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines A reference list must be included with each assignment and a bibliography submitted if appropriate

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