DDBA 8427 Applied Research Methods – Qualitative and Quantitative

| September 8, 2016

DDBA 8427 Applied Research Methods – Qualitative and Quantitative

Your Personal Worldview Worksheet

Record your answers to the following questions. You will synthesize your answers into a complete statement at the end, so feel free to include limited personal information in the chart below. You should exclude anything personal or confidential that you wish to keep from the synthesized statement at the end, however. The chart below is for your own reference and is meant to be shared with colleagues or your Instructor.



Think about your educational experiences. How do you learn best?

Think about your information-gathering and investigation skills. How do you search out answers to questions (e.g., about your health or as an informed consumer)?

Think about your interpersonal communication skills. How do you attempt to influence the behavior of others (e.g., through persuasion or interpersonal negotiation)?

Think about your problem-solving skills. How do you approach challenges (personal or professional)?

Think about your self-identity. Describe your personal background and experiences, including your cultural background and experiences.

Think about your professional persona. Describe your professional background and experiences (education, work, etc).

Think about your self-identity and its relationship to your professional practice. How do you think your personal, cultural, and professional experiences have influenced your personal beliefs, values, and worldview? How have they influenced your professional interests and the way in which you will approach and conduct research?

Think about how you would present yourself to others in an executive summary or “elevator pitch” (wherein you only have the time that it takes to ride an elevator to present an idea to the person riding with you). Based on the above information, summarize how you see the world in 3–5 sentences.

Based on this exercise, compose a statement reflecting your worldview for the benefit of your colleagues and Instructor. The first part of your statement will include the last segment from the table above, edited to remove any personal information you do not wish to share. The second part will explain how your worldview aligns with the worldviews described in the course text, Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches. Your entire statement should be comprised of 2 paragraphs and range between 400–600 words.

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