DB 5 REsponses

| February 25, 2017

Response 1 ( Holly)

Supporters of Voter ID laws argue they are needed to stop people who are not citizens from voting or to keep people from casting multiple votes on Election Day. In other words, supporters want to reduce the potential for voter fraud. Opponents of Voter ID laws argue that they are discriminatory and reduce voter turnout among the less affluent and less educated. I have to side with the supporters of voter ID laws, on this one. I feel as if voters should definitely have to present a form of government ID when voting. For almost everything you do, you are required to show a government issued ID. From enrolling in school, buying a candy bar with your credit card, to getting on an airplane, you need to provide an ID. If it’s required to get into a bar, it should definitely be required when electing government officials. To the ones who believe it’s discriminatory, I guess they don’t do anything that would need a government ID. Which would mean not leaving their house, because perish the thought they get pulled over and have to hand over their license?

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