davenport mktg610 week 7 Presentation of Final Strategic Marketing Plan

| June 8, 2016

Presentation of Final Strategic Marketing Plan –

Prepare to present your findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors of your Strategic Marketing Plan company. Your objective is to persuade the board to approve your recommendations for changes in their marketing strategy and all phases of implementation.

Since this is the Board of Directors, do not provide historical, or background information about the company unless it is key to the rationale of your recommendations.

Your presentation should include:

Findings uncovered in the SWOT analysis that are the basis for your recommendation
Overall strategy recommendation based on competitive advantage
Analysis and description of target audience as it applies to this strategy
Strategy decisions in all 4 areas of Product, Price, Distribution and Communications and rationale
Implementation plan and conclusions.
You must include notes or record the presentation via Collaborate to simulate a live presentation.

18 to 22 Slide. The presentation can be formatted in 3 different ways:

Develop PPT and add an audio track of your presentation using MS Office or other presentation tool of choice.
Use Collaborate Live Classroom to upload your PPT and present your information. Archive the presentation.
Develop PPT and use the notes feature to provide a complete written text only of your presentation

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