davenport mktg610 week 6 discussions 2015

| June 3, 2016

week 6

Find a recent news article about an organization that changed its marketing strategy. What were the reasons for the change? How did the organization approach the development and implementation of the new strategy?

One of the best sources for shared goals and values to guide implementation is the firm’s own mission or values statement. Find the mission or values statement for the organization you identified: do you see evidence of the mission or values in the way the organization handled its change in marketing strategy? Explain.

diss 2

If you were personally responsible for implementing a particular marketing strategy, which implementation approach would you be most comfortable using, given your personality and personal preferences? Why?

Would your chosen approach be universally applicable to any given situation? If not, what would cause you to change or adapt your approach? Remember, adapting your basic approach means stepping out of your personal comfort zone to match the situation at hand.

450 – 500 words minimum for each Topic. Two (2) references are required beyond the text book. Be sure to cite and source in APA format.

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