davenport mktg610 Week 5 Case Analysis

| June 3, 2016


Develop a promotional strategy for Wyndham Worldwide based on the case “Wyndham Worldwide Adopts a Stakeholder Orientation Marketing Strategy” — Your strategy should capitalize on the company’s main advantages, social responsibility efforts and its relationships with the various stakeholders (e.g., customers, employees, shareholders, communities). The strategy should focus on a specific target market and describe specific objectives.

Promotional Strategy

Content /60

Situation Analysis

Target market characteristics

Brand Positioning

Annual objectives

Unique selling proposition

Creative Strategy

Media Mix/IMC Program



Overall Message and Conclusion

Format: /15

3 references

4 pages (not including reference and title pages)

Total /75

Review the website regarding Integrated Marketing Communications and use it as an outline. You can also find the template attached.

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