davenport mktg610 week 2 Marketing Plan Part 1

| June 12, 2016


Based on research of the internal and external environment, determine strategic new direction


Begin by reviewing the entire marketing plan outlined in the Week 1 materials so you have a strong understanding of where you are headed.

Instructions for the first section of the Strategic Marketing Plan for the company selected and approved as follows:

Using the Marketing Plan Worksheets as guides, prepare the following analysis:

Provide a Situational Analysis of the current Internal and Customer Environments

Research and prepare an analysis of the External Environment

Complete SWOT Analysis and SWOT Matrix

Develop at least 3 Competitive Advantages based on SWOT analysis

Develop a Strategic Focus from the most sustainable competitive advantages.


APA Format Required

Abstract Required

Title Page and Reference Page

Use APA formatted headers and subheads as needed.

A minimum of 6 outside references required.

6-8 pages, not including title page, abstract and reference page.

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