Daniel is a sports shop owner who has contracted to supply willow made

| July 29, 2018

Short essay, 100 points each – Try to restrict within 750-1000 words eachRubric – Note this is a practical subject – your success would depend on how you implement concepts learned in real projects. So your response must include specific statements e.g. when identifying a risk, it should be specific what can go wrong. A risk cant be ‘Bats not received on time’ or ‘Bat are bad’ it should be ‘Because of shipping delays from Barbados bats may not arrive on the port of entry 5 days before the event day’. Similarly your mitigation should include specific actionable steps you can take to mitigate this risk.So grading will be as follows:50 points for identifying risks the way I described. You need to identify at least 5 risks. More than 5 will not provide you with extra points. 10 points for each risk- again the way I described. If risks are not clear or risks are like ‘Bats are bad’ you get zero point for that risk.Similarly 50 points for mitigation of each risk identified. Mitigation should be specific – that you can implement. Full grades for actionable mitigation steps. 5 points if not actionable.11. Daniel is a sports shop owner who has contracted to supply willow made cricket bats for GWU’s Cricket team. These bats are primarily made from willow wood available in Barbados. He has tentatively identified the activities (work packages) in this project as the following: I. Buy the cricket bats from a specialty wholesaler who will ship directly from Barbados. The wholesaler also has a manufacturing unit in Sydney, Australia. They sometimes ship from Australia as well. II. Hire low-paid students III. Arrange students (most of British Commonwealth countries play cricket) help get those cleared from customs site (Baltimore port). IV. Students will inspect the bats. V. Deliver the bats and other supplies to the play site. VI. He also asked some of the students to watch few cricket matches and spend time with players so that they understand details about how bats are used. Daniel wants to build his expertise in not-so-popular sports in the USA.Daniel is worried that something(s) might go wrong so that he cannot complete the contract to GWU cricket team’s satisfaction. Identify risks for this project. Explain what he should do to mitigate those risks.Rubric – Again, being a practical subject, expectation is you will have specific steps to improve quality disconnect between members of different countries.Articulate specific steps/process that you can implement e.g. a process could be ‘Will standardize to measures quality in quantifiable numbers’ – and what you will do ensure that.You need to have at least 5 steps/process or how ever way you want to ensure that.10 points for description of each such steps/process. Full points for steps/processes described clearly and 5 for non-specifics and zero for vague ones.10 points each how you implement those steps/processes described. Similarly 10 points if steps are actionable. 5 points if steps are not actionable.

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