Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis, assignment help

| May 27, 2018

You have been given the responsibility of working with yourorganization’s CEO to do a competitive market analysis of the potentialsuccess of one of their existing products.Select your organization and a product produced by that organization from IndustryWeek.Write a 2,100-word analysis of the current market conditions facing your product, making sure that you address the following topics:Define the type of market in which your selected product will compete, along with an analysis of competitors and customers.Analyze any comparative advantages and international trade opportunities.Explain the factors that will affect demand, supply, and prices of that product.Examine factors that will affect Total Revenue, including but not limited to:Price elasticity of demandFactors that influence productivityVarious measures of costs, including opportunity costsExternalities and government public policy and their effect on marginal revenue and marginal costRecommend how your organization can maximize their profit-makingpotential and increase their presence within the market served by theproduct.

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