Cultural sensitivity is most often taught to employees before overseas assignments through …..

| November 29, 2016

1. Cultural sensitivity is most often taught to employees before overseas assignments through which of these techniques?

a. Lectures, movies.

b. Video recordings and embassy tours.

c. Interactive simulations and lectures.

d. Role playing, simulations, and meeting former international assignees.

2. External HRM influences are categorized into the general areas of……

a. dynamic environment

b. labor unions
c. governmental legislation
d. all of the above

3. Which of the following is not true regarding employee training?

a. It focuses on future jobs in the organization.

b. It is present-day oriented.

c. It focuses on individuals’ current jobs.

d. It is a learning experience.

4. Charles, director of training for a large organization, is looking at the completion rates for the annual clerical training program that is required for promotion to advanced clerical worker. The information presented shows figures for these groups of employees: Caucasian; Hispanic; African American; Asian; Other. What kind of HR report is Charles studying?

a. ADA audit.

b. EEO audit.

c. Indoctrination analysis.

d. Culture/language readiness.

5. The selection process may include all of the following steps, except:

a. background investigation.

b. screening interview.

c. application form.

d. medical history evaluation.

6. The invisible barrier that blocks females and minorities from ascending into the upper levels of an organization.

a. glass shielding
b. glass ceiling
c. minority overhead
d. glass discrimination

7. Successful recruiting efforts are indicated by all of these outcomes, except:

a. turnover increases.

b. training costs go down.

c. more job seekers know about available jobs.

d. the applicant pool is increasingly diverse.

8. Who should make the actual hiring decision?

a. The HR manager

b. The general manager

c. The manager in the department where the vacancy exists.
d. The recruiter

9. Meeting with a group of employees to collectively determine what their job entails.

a. job evaluation method
b. group interview method
c. analysis evaluation

d. group evaluation

10. The varied personal characteristics that make the workforce heterogeneous.

a. workforce diversity
b. rightsizing
c. globalization
d. contingent workforce

11. As the assistant of the HR manager, you are updating and rewriting the employee handbook. Which of the following is not a key ingredient of an effective employee handbook?

a. The employee handbook should be pertinent to employees’ needs.

b. The employee handbook should provide quick and easy answers to questions about benefits and employment policies.

c. The employee handbook should set the parameters within which employees are expected to perform.

d. The employee handbook should make clear to employees that their job is secure as long as they meet performance standards.

12. Maizie, a charge nurse in a large hospital, is frustrated with a phone call. She is thumbing through Joe’s file, looking for a patient consent signature before she can answer questions from Joe’s secretary, “How is Joe?” What health issue is relevant to Maizie’s predicament?

a. Traditional.

b. HMO.

c. PPO.


13. Process of discovering potential candidates for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies.

a. recruiting
b. staffing
c. internal search
d. employee referral

14. Which of the following is not a step in a job analysis process?

a. Understand the purpose of the job analysis
b. Understand the roles of the jobs in the organization.
c. Benchmark positions
d. Determine the pay level of jobs

15. Which of the following is the arm of the federal government empowered to handle discrimination in employment cases?

a. Fair Employment Commission

b. Fair Labor Standards Commission

c. Equal Employment Opportunity Act

d. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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