cultural presentation

| August 31, 2017

The e-Commerce Cultural Presentation You will present the state of E-commerce in a particular country (or continent). The presentation should be structured to take 15 minutes and be supported by appropriate presentation aids.In your presentation be sure to cover following subject matters Country Introduction Economy supporting e-commerce infrastructure o Adoption and use of Internet by population o Growth in computer adoption Countries for the presentation• BRAZIL CHINAGERMANY• INDIA• MIDDLE EAST with primarily focus on UAE and SAUDI ARABIA• Russia Singapore • UNITED KINGDOM o Telecommunication Identify the current problems and limitations related to E-commerce for the countryo Privacy., piracy, protection laws as they pertain to e-commerce Use of credit cards and banking supportUse of English or local language Cultural issues as they pertain to e-commerce, current habit of the society rvl-commerce trends and acceptance Competition Future trends and opportunitiesEach presentation will be evaluated by the instructor as well as the class audience.

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