Cultural Environment of International Business Writing *

| June 3, 2016


The World’s Marketplace


This section will inform you about the parameters within which international business is conducted. Of greatest import, perhaps, is culture, a prominent theme throughout this course. Whatever the cultural parameters in a country or region are will help inform the political, legal, technological, and accounting realities that must be considered before any foray into international business. As an international business practitioner, your acute awareness of culture and cognizance of the other realities will further inform how you will manage the myriad of ethical decisions that you can be assured will need to be navigated. The weeks in this section will acquaint you with the work of Geert Hofstede and introduce you to the harmonization of worldwide accounting standards. The final assignment will acquaint you with various theories of ethics as they relate to private sector activity.

Required Readings

Refer to the Books & Resources section of each Week’s introduction for the required readings.

IB5014-8 > The World’s Marketplace > Week 1

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Global Orientation

Globalization today is inevitable. As a result our daily routines highlight how closely people from throughout the world are interrelated. Now more than ever, all country-specific companies must globalize if they want to sustain their competitiveness. No longer can we ignore the increases in the number of foreign firms investing and competing within all countries; or the increase of regionalization/regional trade blocs. To this end, there are four major trends that can be argued as causes to these changes: (1) worldwide acceptance of free market system; (2), rapid growth of international institutions such as the WTO (World Trade Organization), IMF (International Monetary Fund), and World Bank; (3) technological growth; and (4) the decline in the price of technological products.

One of the biggest challenges faced in international business is cultural differences. For example, white is a symbol of mourning in various Asian countries and therefore avoided in weddings. This is a stark contrast to the common practice of wearing a white wedding gown in the U.S. culture. Therefore, having an in-depth understanding of the values, ethics, and belief systems of people from foreign countries is imperative. The primary obstacle in achieving a complete understanding of a foreign culture is the Self Reference Criterion (SRC) where domestic managers will often refer to their own cultural beliefs in decision-making. A related concept is ethnocentrism which refers to the belief that one’s own culture is superior to other cultures.

To this end, global awareness becomes an important skill in international business. To be globally aware, managers of international business must understand the history of other cultures as this will help them to understand how the foreign nationals will think. Multinational companies welcome management with global awareness and tolerance of other culturesand should strive to achieve cross-cultural literacy.

You will be introduced to the cultural environment of international business; global orientation, global awareness, social responsibility; and ethics in the area of globalization as well as given an opportunity to apply the principles through the following assignment. Through conducting research and responding to a series of questions, you will enhance your knowledge of these important concepts.

1. Review the resources listed in the Books and Resources area below to prepare for this week’s assignment(s).

2. Complete the following Spotlight on Skills if you need assistance with the tools used to complete your assignments.

Spotlight on Skills: APA Form and Style
Throughout this course, and other courses here at Northcentral University, you are required to follow APA form and style when preparing assignments. If you are unfamiliar with APA form and style, take this”>The Basics of APA Style. Are you already familiar with APA form and style? Keep up with the 2010 changes by taking this”>What’s New in the Sixth Edition. Check out this blog for deeper discussions and”>APA Style Blog. You can”>Frequently Asked Questions About APA Style.

Spotlight on Skills: Preparing the Discussion Post
This week, you will enter into a discussion with your instructor.″>Preparing the Discussion Post for more information on how to prepare a discussion assignment.

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Books and Resources for this Week:




Griffin, R. W., & Pustay, M. W. (2015) International business

Read Chapters 1 and 2”>





Carpenter, J. M., Moore, M., Alexander, N., & Doherty, A. (2013).”>

Read article

Tae Won, M., & Sang Il, P. (2011).”>

Read article




Chapter 1 Presentation″ title=”Download”>griffin_ib8_inppt01.pdf

Review presentation

Chapter 2 Presentation″ title=”Download”>griffin_ib8_inppt02.pdf

Review presentation

ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS:IB5014-8 > The World’s Marketplace > Week 1 > Analyze Global Orientation Reasons (Graded, Required)

Week 1 Assignment: Analyze Global Orientation Reasons

Activity Description

Conduct scholarly research and present a narrative paper that discusses the following:

1. Define and explain the idea of global orientation and elaborate upon the factors necessary to achieve global awareness.

2. Describe some of the successful approaches companies use to achieve competitive advantage in global markets.

3. Analyze the conditions that have led to the development of globalization.

Support your paper with a minimum of three (3) external resources In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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