Crusading in Romanesque European societies

| February 2, 2016

Crusading in Romanesque European societies

Assignment: (1) Write a 10-12 page paper, double spaced, using standard font and 1 inch margins all around. Grammar and spelling should be correct and citations must be provided within essay as well as a separate bibliography.

Instructions: Write a research paper on the following topic below that fully answers all parts of the question asked. Your answer should focus on primary sources for its evidence as much as possible, using the documents found in Rubenstein’s The First Crusade: A Brief History with Documents – as well as primary source excerpt documents both found in the textbook and those distributed to you as handouts throughout the class, as well as any other primary and secondary sources that you discover in research of the topic that you deem necessary to construct a compelling argument which fully analyzes and evaluates all aspects of the topic and supports your arguments, evaluations, and conclusions. Be sure to cite evidence and construct arguments in creating your answer – do not just narrate the story and offer nothing else – that is not answering the question. Think like a lawyer, you are using evidence to make arguments that will convince the Judge and Jury (i.e. your reader). Please note that wikipedia, other encyclopedias and/or sparknotes or other secondary summaries are not acceptable sources for a college or university paper and are not allowed as sources on this assignment.
Note: You must properly CITE sources and any other materials that contribute to your work using either endnotes (author’s name, pg number) or footnotes (you may use any recognized format: MLA, Chicago, APA, as long as you are consistent) and, in all cases, you must include a bibliography. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.

Term Research Paper Topic: Using primary sources as your chief evidence; analyze and asses the social, governmental, and cultural origins and inspirations for crusading in Romanesque European Societies, then, describe and analyze the 1st crusade and subsequent crusades from the points of view of both the “Frankish” crusade4rs as well as the Muslim societies affected by the crusades. Then, assess the varied impacts of the crusades on not only both medieval Gothic (1100-1343) European societies and cultures as well as Medieval Islamic (1100-1258) societies and cultures but also its continued impacts on both contemporary Western and Islamic states, societies, and cultures. Finally, evaluate whether The Crusades had an overall positive or negative impact on Western Civilization, by evaluating the ultimate legacy and significance of the crusades both within their era as well as their impacts on contemporary society and the world, defining “positive” and “negative” within your analysis. Please include an analysis of events and their results accounting for social, structural, organizational/governmental, and cultural aspects of crusading and its effects within your analysis. Focus on primary sources and the results of your research as the basis of your evidence supporting your arguments and analysis.

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