Critically evaluating the research article Although there are several aspects

| March 16, 2019

Critically evaluating the research article Although there are several aspects of a research article that can be evaluated, there are some important dimensions that you need to think about. These include: • The quality of the ideas/argument being presented • The extent to which these ideas/argument are supported by evidence. • The extent to which the sample, research design, procedure, data analysis and interpretation of data addresses the research question and/or hypotheses of the study. When evaluating the ideas/argument, you will need to consider whether these ideas are interesting, new and thoughtful etc. Are they consistent or inconsistent with each other? Are they relevant?  When evaluating the supporting evidence, you will need to ask yourself what kind of evidence is used to support these ideas? Is it adequate and used appropriately? Is there counter evidence and is this acknowledged by the author(s)?  When evaluating the conduct of the research, do they use an appropriate sample (e.g., size, representativeness) to collect data in order to test the research questions and/or hypotheses? Were the correct measures administered and described in enough detail? Have they analysed and interpreted the data correctly? Is there an alternative analysis and intepretation? Do the implications of the research article logically follow on from the findings? Are they aware of the limitations of the research? What recommendations would you make?

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