Criteria for Example Essay

| September 13, 2020

The Criteria For A Good Example Essay There are several factors that contribute to good example essay writing. Having excellent grammar, using words correctly, punctuation, and presentation are the biggest points to me. Grammar is important for several reasons. Grammar is what enables us to make structured sentences. Everyone uses grammar to form a sentence. If you have bad grammar, the point of your sentence(s) may become unclear and make it hard for a reader to understand what you are saying.
Using words correctly shows that you have a basic knowledge and understanding of grammar. It is a pet-peeve of mine. If someone writes, “There enrolled in English class. ” as opposed to, “They’re enrolled in English class. ” it makes them sound less educated then someone who uses the right form of the word. Using punctuation the right way is very important because it can change the whole meaning of a word or the structure of your sentence. For example: if someone is trying to say, “There is the classroom for my English class. and they write, “They’re is the classroom for my English class. ” it changes the sentence to “They are is the classroom for my English class. ” It just simply doesn’t make sense. Also, punctuation allows a writer to separate thoughts, show where someone speaking would normally pause, and make the sentence more easily understood to the reader. Presentation is, in my opinion, the most important thing. It reminds me of my career with food, for example. There could be the most amazing tasting dish in front of you but you would never know it if the plate was a sloppy mess.
You are more likely to enjoy a dish if it appears to look appealing before you’ve even tasted it. The same goes with an essay. If the format is all wrong and it is hard to understand, you will be more likely to think the content isn’t well prepared and thought out. In conclusion, I believe you can create your own idea of the criteria for good essay writing. This was my example of what I think it takes to be a successful essay writer. You must have a strong knowledge of all the components you believe are important to successfully express your statement.

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