Create an agenda for a team meeting

| September 8, 2016

This is an example

Please give details provide the objection , add a purpose and goals add challenges or vision etc….

Team Meeting




1 Provide an orientation to the initiative

2 Review purpose of team

3 Adopt ground rules for collaborative planning

4 Review draft action plan format

5 Adopt goal/vision

6 Identify challenges to goal/vision

7 Confirm team memberships

8 Plan next steps

9 Identify meeting roles

10 Evaluate meeting


9:00 Welcome, review agenda and confirm next meeting time and place

9:15 Review purpose of team

9:30 Review, revise and adopt ground rules for meetings

9:45 Review draft action plan format

10:00 Adopt goal/vision for the group’s planning

10:45 Identify challenges to the goal/vision and strategies for addressing challenges

11:45 Review team membership: do we have who needs to be here given our vision? Are there other venues for stakeholder input?

12:45 Plan next steps: roles for next meeting; objectives for next meeting: discuss training of trainers, selection of coaches and demonstration sites, etc.

1:00 complete meeting evaluation

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