Cost Accounting-Prepare a DRAFT financial analysis in Excel

| January 30, 2017

On Your Own:

Prepare a DRAFT financial analysis in Excel. The spreadsheet should include 4 worksheets as follows:

1. Company information

2. Income Statement

3. Balance Sheet

4. Financial statement ratios related to accounts specific to cost accounting for your corporation. Vertical and horizontal analysis are important, particularly for the income statement. Consider cost components. How are they changing from year to year? How is the balance sheet, especially stockholders’ equity, changing? For example, ratios related to the three inventory accounts, calculation of cost of goods sold, different product line sales in relation to total sales, etc. Be creative and create meaningful cost accounting ratios, variances, etc. to assist management’s decision making.

a. Formulas must be embedded into the cells (preferable) or written beside the cells.

Step 1) Post your DRAFT Excel file, DIRECT LINK to your corporation’s SEC 10-K (include page numbers of the financial statements) in the SEC 10K Peer Review Discussion topic.

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