Cost Accounting-Costs and fluctuations are often discussed in the MD&A section.

| January 30, 2017

Hello I need help answering these questions for my cost accounting HW. The company I’m using is AT&T. It does not have to be long answers. Use the following link to answer the questions

Using the SEC 10-K for your company, answer the following questions:

NOTE: Comment/ask questions on no less than one other student’s post about their company.

1. Costs and fluctuations are often discussed in the MD&A section. Comment on your analysis of these costs and fluctuations, here.

2. Pricing decisions often relate both to knowing your costs as well as to the strategy of pricing. Competition, loss leaders, and other elements may be discussed in the MD&A section. Emerging markets and product lines are also an issue for some companies. Regarding the strategy of pricing, emerging markets, and product lines, what did you learn from your review of the MD&A?

3.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability relate to many issues including pollution and the cost of remediation and hazardous wastes. What do you learn about these topics from the SEC 10-K?

4. Contingencies and liabilities: What do you learn about your company in this area? Can they be estimated? Are they probable to occur? How might cost issues including profitability relate to these topics for your company?

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