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May 29, 2013

Table tennis or ping-pong is one of the indoor famous games and it
became more popular within the last period due to the media and promotions, it
is played on thick wooden or composite wood, plastic table. The surface of the
table should have a mat finish and it is usually green or blue. However, the
table is divided into two equal half by means of a net; this net is
approximately 15.25-cm height and extends 15.25 cm beyond each side of the
table. In addition, game’s tools consist of two rackets which have several
types such as offensive, defensive, and all- around. I adore this kind of games
because of its pleasure and challenging skills. However, I would like to
explain my previous experiment with it.
My story with Table tennis started long time ago, I was studying at
the elementary school in my own town, there was several sport classes offered
for students of my same age. In fact, table tennis one of those games used to
be played every week at sport room, I joined this game because one of my
friends who used to pay this game and invite me to take a chance and try it, I
was somehow hesitate but later I accept and joined him to Ping-pong club, two
weeks later I had started to enjoy the game truly and got inspired by other
player I used to watch them all the time. However, I was always welcomed by the
team and accepted as a new member, this was a special kind of motivation for me
that encouraged me to learn the game and later to master it into professional
level, many years had passed and I am still playing this game but not like
before. In fact I have learned a lot of tricks and gained a long range of
experience which allowed me to play against real champs and championships.
Ping-pong can be played in both ways, it’s either single where two
opposite players will play against each other or by means of team, each team
consist of two player and they will organized their positions and playing
strategy against each other. Moreover, the game required high level of speed
and techniques, players should reflect maximum flexibility in order to handle
the contra- attacks and defend their position. Nevertheless, table tennis or
ping-pong is not just an ordinary game, it is in fact a very hard one because
it is complex and difficult sport and it required progressive training. There
are several steps needed to be applied in order to master such kind of sports,
the first lesion is to know the rules and standards of the game before you are
going to apply it directly, the next step you have to do is fixing your
position or locating you movement area where you are supposed to play. For
instance, you will need to work in the suitable or right footwork in order to
keep yourself balanced and prepare for consistent shots, in some cases you need
to deal with harsh shots and replay by means of same way. Moreover, the racket
within your hand should be paused in the correct position in order to gain more
flexibility while replaying the shots and switching the kicks’ style. In fact,
there are two main positions you can hold the racket within your hands the
Forehand and backhand serve, those are the spins serves. One important rule in
the game is unlike Tennis; the ball must bounce once before clearing the net
and again bounce before being struck by the receiver.
I had started playing this kind of games at elementary school when
I was 10 years old, it attract me strongly because of its entertainments and
special skills. Thus, I decided to go forward and master the game into
professional level so I could have the chance to play among the local
competitions. The basic support I have got was from my parents and family; they
sent me to a special sport’s colleges in order to master my favorite game and
brought me to attend almost all of the local ping-pong championships. In addition,
they bought for me a professional ping-pong table, rackets, and all the game’s
requirements, thy assign a special tutor for me to provide me with all the
required information and experience needed for skilful level. However, after
several years of studying and practicing the game, I start to play against some
local professional players and I had defeated some of them but not all. In
addition, Ihad played in my own city championship and I won. As a result, I
made my future and improved my life because of ping-pong talent I had and I am
still till this moment improving my level in order to be able to play among
international championships.

Finally, there are several kinds of games and each one has its own
rules and characteristics. However, I prefer table tennis to others because of
all its entertainment and enjoyable skills that attract me deeply and push me
to improve myself into higher level. In fact, it was the best thing I had ever
had and experienced. Moreover, I had learnt several lessons from this game
because it taught me how to be patient and to keep my faith in order to achieve
my purpose in life, the consistency I required from watching other player had
changed me a lot into better way and inspired me to exert more effort in order
to master this game which is the same thing I have done finally.

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