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CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ANDETHICSCOURSEWORK 2 HANDOUTCOURSEWORK 2 HANDOUTUNIT DETAILSDEPARTMENTUNIT CODESEMESTERBus. Adm. & EconCBE2104SpringPROGRAMMEUNIT TITLESESSIONBA (Hons)Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics2014­2015COURSEWORK DETAILS2nd65% of the units final markC/W NUMBERCONTRIBUTIONReinventing Corporate Social Responsibility for the 21st Century.C/W TITLEIndividual [Literature Review]C/W TYPEHAND­OUT DATE Week 2SUBMISSION DATE Week 8FEEDBACK DATEWeek 11LEARNING OUTCOMESBy the end of the unit, a candidate will be able to:LO1. Analyse the expectations and demands that emanate from stakeholders on business.LO3. Recognise and evaluate the impact of personal ethics on management decision­making, behaviourand policies and the resulting impact on society.LO4. Appreciate and evaluate the broader question of businesss legitimacy as an institution if corporatesocial responsibility is lacking to the extent where society is harmed.LO5. Compare and assess alternative views in current academic literature as well as in the business forum.ASSESSMENT CRITERIAMature grasp of relevant ideas and conceptsClear, focused and coherent argumentsThe depth and breadth of the literature reviewThe level of critical understanding shown by evaluating the qualitative aspect of CSR implementation incompany functions and activities.Scholarly presentation, including clear and appropriate referencingDETAILED DESCRIPTIONCSR has frequently been criticised that it has had little effect on changing business practice in that it hasmostly resulted in a compliance based practice as opposed to resulting in a re­definition of company valuesand ethos on the part of top mamnagement that would then result in more socially responsible businesspractice.In preparing this coursework students need to include an evaluation of CSR implementation and its impacton society through the prism of core theory being the CSR pyramid and ethical principles.Furthermore students should avoid descriptive writing. Critical writing needs to be attained whereby thedifferences and/or similarities of the various sources are summarised and argued.Number of sources required: At least 12 academic articles plus any number of non academic sources suchas business cases (company web sites), newspaper articles, ethics institutes gradings etc.The literature review should be based on current published papers.SUBMISSIONStudents are expected to submit their work in hard copy. Assignments should be approximately 2500 wordslong (excluding tables, graphs and spreadsheets). There will be a penalty of 10% for those reports exceedingthe word limit by more than 10%. In case the word limit has been exceeded by more than 20%, the report willget a mark of 0.Coursework 2 Handout:CBE2104Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics1Following the guidelines of the Students Handbook, reports should be written using the Gothic Century fontat a size of 10 and with 1.5 spacing between lines. There should be clear spacing between paragraphs,sections and subsections. The assignment must have a Departmental cover sheet attached.Students are expected to follow the following report structure:AbstractTable of ContentsIntroductionLiterature Review and AnalysisConclusion (recommendation for actions that should/could be undertaken)Bibliography you must utilise the Harvard Reference System (see link below)Appendices optional­ea67­475e­9091­4290b6ca793dLate submissions are subject to a 5% penalty for each day of delay. Any reports submitted after 7 days fromthe submission date will get a mark of 0.NOTEAll sentences or passages quoted in this coursework from other people’s work should be specificallyacknowledged by clear cross­referencing to author, work and page(s). Failure to do this amounts toplagiarism and will be considered grounds for failure in this coursework. It is on the instructors discretion tocontact an oral examination, which will result to the award of the final grade to that particular piece ofcoursework.TURN IT IN REQUIREMENTApart from the usual hard copy submission, this piece of coursework is required to be submitted to turnitinplagiarism detection software at:www.turnitin.comat a date no later than the submission date. This is an absolute requirement for releasing a mark. Briefinstructions on how you can set up your profile and submit your work can be found at: (text) (video)You are going to require:9874130CBE2104CLASS ID:ENROLLMENT PASSWORD:If you have any problems in submitting your work, please contact the course administrator or the lecturer.Coursework 2 Handout:CBE2104Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics2

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