: Corperate Finance

| February 1, 2016

Topic: Corperate Finance

Order Description
Write report on CANADA SOLAR. Founded in 2001 in Ontario Canada, listed on new york stock exchange…
Discuss how successful the company has been delivering value to its shareholders over the past 5 years.
This requires an EVA analysis of historical TSR Company to appropriate benchmarks…..
Undertake a current valuation of the equity in this company using NET Assets Value
Comparable Ratios eg.. P/E, P/B, EV, EBITDA
Look at both past results and comparable firms to analyze and justify an appropriate valuation.
Discounted free cash flow. Forecast each component for at least 5 years or forecast cash flow estimate a terminal value, and then discount them back at the appropriate cost of capital. Justify all assumptions.
Attempt to reconcile any differences in value that you obtain by using these different methods and state with reasons what value you think is correct from the company
Clearly explain all assumptions used in the valuations
The report should include graphical illustrations where appropriate.
Detailed tables, extracts or copies of financial information, placed in the appendices if they are necessary to understand d report… they should be referred to in the body of the report.
Key point summary conclusions
Use financial data on FAME
Company focus on financial times share services or brokers’ circular issued from time to time
Methods of estimation, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

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