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| August 13, 2017

124) Which of the following demographic trends
is likely the most responsible for the increasing number ofpeople who
A)the migration toward micropolitan and suburban
B)the move from rural to metropolitan areas
C)the increasing number
of nontraditional households
D)the growing percentage
of married couples who do not have children
E)the declining number
of manufacturing workers
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125) Chet Hoffman’s
chain of travel agencies has identified the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgender community as a growing market that spends an increasing percentage
of its income on travel. Which of the following would be the least effective
component of a marketing plan for Chet to take advantage of this opportunity?
A)develop a presence
on LGBT-oriented social networking sites
B)position his agency as
focused on specialized experiences
C)implement a mass marketing campaign
D)place specially-targeted ads
in gay-themed publications
E)advertise on LOGO
126) With an expected increase in ethnic
diversity, marketers are likely to place a greater emphasis on ________.
A)geographic segmentation
B)differing advertising messages
C)mass marketing
D)”us and them”
E)tiered markets

127) Jack Weiss recently won a $10 million
lottery. Jack’s life will change a great deal, particularly how he spends
money. According to Engel’s laws, Jack is LEAST likely to change the percentage
of his income that he spends on which of the following?
128) A marketer
ofpesticides should be the least concerned about which of the following?
A)shortages of raw materials
B)increased pollution
C)increased government
D)persistence ofcultural
E)chemical pollutants in the food supply
129) The green movement will likely spark the
least interest in which of the following?
A)recycling programs
sustainable strategies
C)social responsibility
D)Internet usage

130) Norma Bernanke is a marketer at a
pharmaceuticalcompany that has just developed a new medication to treat asthma.
Which of the following components ofthe political environment should Norma be
least concerned with as her company begins to develop a marketing plan for the
new product?
A)approval fromthe Food and Drug Administration
B)state laws regulating
advertising ofpharmaceuticals
C)laws enforced by the
Federal Trade Commission
D)the Fair Packaging and
Labeling Act
E)the Nutrition Labeling
and Education Act
131) Which of the
following is an example of a core belief?
A)Marriage is important.
B)Americans should
display their patriotism.
C)The comforts of home
are more important than entertainment outside of the home.
D)Extended warranties
are never worth the money consumers pay for them.
E)Professionals should
wear business clothes to work.

132) Consumers undertaking which of the
following would be most likely to be identified as “cocooning” or
A)taking a cruise
B)taking up a new sport
C)having a home entertainment center installed
D)hiking the Grand
E)traveling to Asia
133) Increased marketing of home amenities such
as high-end barbeques, hot tubs, and home entertainment centers has
most likely been spurred by Americans’ changing views of________.
A)social responsibility

134) Assume that you are
a manager at a firm that has hired lobbyists to influence legislation affecting
your firm’s industry to its advantage. Your firm takes a(n) ________ approach
to the marketing environment.
E)team work
135) Which of the following forces would
marketers be most likely able to influence?
A)geographic population
B)core cultural values
C)income distribution
D)increasing ethnic
E)media publics
136) How have large retailers such
as Wal-Mart changed the dynamics behind partnering with resellers?
137) How have China’s regulations over the past
generation limiting family size to one child per couple affected businesses?
138) How do baby boomers
today differ fromprevious generations as they neared and reached their sixties?
139) What are some components ofa successful
marketing programaimed at Millennials?
140) What are two potential drawbacks ofcreating
separate products and marketing programs for each generation?
141) Why might marketers want to target segments
ofthe population based on lifestyles rather than age groups?
142) Give two characteristics of the American
family that depict its “nontraditional” nature.
143) Why has a growing
portion ofthe American population shifted to “micropolitan areas”?
144) How might geographic shifts in population
impact marketers?
145) In terms of ethnic and racial makeup, why
is the United States today more accurately characterized as a “salad
bowl” than a “melting pot”?
146) Why have companies such as IBM and Levis
targeted the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community with specifically
tailored marketing efforts?
147) Briefly explain why Americans amassed
record amounts ofdebt in the 1990s and why thefree-spending trend has
148) Briefly explain the
following statement: “The distribution of income has created a tiered
149) Why might it be beneficial for marketers to
help develop solutions to problems facing the natural environment, such as
increased pollution and shortages of raw material?
150) What is meant by the “green
151) One purpose of government regulation is to
protect consumers from unfair business practices. List two areas in which this
may occur.

152) How might a marketer
act in a socially responsible way toward the general public?

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