contemporary management issues

| June 4, 2016

Assignment Question: From within Asia, selectEITHER two named developed countriesOR two named developing countries. For your chosen countries, critically evaluate the reasons behind these demographic changes and consider their impact on marketing.


Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria


Explain and apply critiques of a range of management theories and their impact on contemporary settings.

Critically apply management theories, in the appropriate context.


Critically appraise interactions between different management standpoints

Compare and contrast a range of ideas


Differentiate between a range of theories, models and methodologies

Research a range of secondary data necessary for the acquisition of the requisite subject knowledge


Evaluate the contribution that a range of ideas have imparted on management practice.

4.1-Evaluate the practical context in which different management ideas and practices have evolved.

4.2-Provide an assessment of contrasting ideas

4.3-Establsh a defensible position with regard to any given standpoint taken by the learner.


Identify and evaluate a range of practices from within a variety of contexts which are exemplars of management theory

Critically interpret the conduct and practices of managers, and relate management to a range of theoretical models, and be able to derive a practical and appropriate response

Assignment Brief

*A report, not exceeding 250 words(+/-10%), submitted through “Turnitin”. All written work must be references using the Harvard System. (at least 25 references)

*Demographic change means that developed countries often suffer from an aging population while developing countries are experiencing rapid population growth.



Identify countries, why have your selected them, brief overview, eg. population, GDP per capita main economic activity

Demographic change

l What are the demographic changes taking places in the world and Asia in general and the specific countries in particular.

l Why are these changes taking place?

l What does it mean for the country?

l What does it mean for marketing?



Harvard Style

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