consumer behaviour

| February 7, 2016

consumer behaviour

1. Define consumer behaviour. Why is the study of consumer behavior important to businesses and why is it important to you?

2. What is a working definition of motivation? Explain the ABC model of attitudes and then discuss why motivations are the driving force behind all consumer behaviour.
3. Discuss the theory that Abraham Maslow formulated with regard to human needs. Include a labelled diagram and provide an example of how these needs at each level can be translated into specific wants by marketers.

4. What is consumer involvement and how does it relate to the likelihood of a consumer elaborating on a purchase in their mind? What is the importance of high involvement versus low involvement behavior when a business thinks of marketing? What considerations should be taken to increase consumers’ levels of involvement?
5. One important concept related to perception is the differential threshold. Talk about Weber’s law while citing an example of how Weber’s Law could be used in marketing communications.

6. What are 4 of the 5 types of perceived risk consumers have to deal with? Give your own example of each type of risk.

7. What is cognitive dissonance and when does it happen? What are the implications of dissonance for marketers?
8. What are some implications of culture for marketing strategy?

9. What is a reference group? Which classification of reference group do you think is the most influential on consumer behaviour? Why?
10- The diffusion of new ideas and products is an important process. Draw and label a diagram showing the 5 stages of new product acceptance over the Product Life Cycle. What factors play a role in our deciding to adopt an innovation?

11- What is the evoked set and how does it relate to low involvement behaviour? How can marketers move a product or brand into the evoked set? If a brand is dropped from a consumers evoked set, what actions can a marketer take to have that consumer reconsider the brand? Are these likely to work?

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