construstion technology

| August 14, 2017

This coursework must be carried out individually.1. TaskScenario (hypothetical)The world we live in demands high quality design and performance in buildings. The awareness of the importance of design has crossed all barriers and Clients have become even more demanding when it relates to their business. Certain brands evenmake their stores building their ”flagships” (e.g. Fiats’ oldLingotto factory in Turim, Italy and more recently examples Apple and Prada stores in New York, USA).In this contextAston Martinis aiming at expanding their presence in Manchester area and develop a building dedicated solely to the brand to serve as a high tech showroom to sell and make small repairs on their models. The building is to be developed near Bolton and it should be focussed on Manchester and Liverpool market areas.The Client requires’the building to reflect the high quality, high technology images of the company as well as their established design history. The brand is open to a refreshed building design and specifically stated that it does not identify itself with ordesire a standard ‘shed’enclosure, such as might be typical of a car standard industrial building.An outline plan of the proposed facilities has been agreed (see plan in Appendix A) but the form of the building has yet to be considered, and will largely be determined by the chosen structural solution.Technology 2 – Coursework 1 – 2014/15 Rev 13/10/14 University of Salford1The building is to be built near Bolton and it should be assumed that the Topography of the site is flat and that good load-bearing strata exist within 750mm of ground level i.e. stiff clay.Project/Task briefYou are a member of the design and build organisation for this project. You have been asked to explore possible superstructure (frame) solutions for the building. Ultimately and based on that you are expected to produce a report of the appropriate structural system for the building, demonstrating:a) an understanding of appropriateness of the chosen structural system/configuration for the scenario building;b) an ability to apply the principles of the chosen structural configuration/system to the scenario buildingTask(Importance 100%)Investigate three different types of structural systems (e.g. Steel, Glulam, Timber, or Concrete) that might be adopted, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each system and sub- system in relation to its suitability and levels of performance as the superstructure of the building in question taking into account the specific requirements that are relevant to the scenario building.Provide for the selected structure at least 3 No annotated prescriptive and descriptive,manufacturers’ details, illustrations or sketches. Where details from other sources are used theyshould be appropriately referenced. These details should illustrate how the structure performs in terms of stability, fire resistance and linking with cladding etc.Specific Submission requirements:? Submission is via Turnitin in A4 format.? Word count limit 2,500 and reasonability proportionate annotated sketches.? Individual submissions are required.? All text and illustrations must be word-processed text or they will not be accepted.? Drawing presented within your work can be derived from the following: Sketch-up, handdrawings or CAD tools.? It is important that the submitted work is your own as directed above and not merely wordprocessed/ photocopied from a book, magazine, brochure, etc.? All drawings and sketches need to be properly titled, annotated and appropriatelydescribed and discussed, and, where appropriate, referenced back to their original source.? It is extremely important that any drawings, photographs or illustrations that are not yourown, or are adapted from external sources are properly referenced where appropriate if they are taken/adapted/copied from a book, magazine, web site, or brochure, otherwise you will be considered has having committed plagiarism. Whilst CAD is permissible if you have downloaded drawings from web sites using the CAD programme, you must identifyTechnology 2 – Coursework 1 – 2014/15 Rev 13/10/14 University of Salford22.that this is the case otherwise you will again be considered has having committed plagiarism. Guides on referencing and plagiarism can be found on the Student Intranet under Weblinks and”>”> A properly complied bibliography/reference list should also be provided;? Your full name, pathway, mode of study (i.e. full or part-time) and year of study should beclearly marked.SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTSFORMATAll submissions should have a cover sheet identifying the module, the date and the student’sname and roll number. In addition to the in-text citations, all submissions shall have a reference list (and an optional bibliography), listing the sources used in the preparation of the report. [The School has adopted the Harvard system (APA 6th) as standardLENGTHMaximum 2500 words report excluding references, bibliography, cover sheet or appendices (if any).SUBMISSIONThis assignment MUST be submitted electronically through Turnitin®Further information and support for students using Turnitin can be found here:”> ASSESSMENT CRITERIAThis piece of coursework is a vehicle for gaining architectural technology knowledge. It will aid the understanding and development of architectural terminology, concepts and drawing conventions.Marks will be awarded for the following:? Depth and breadth of study and extent of research demonstrated? Depth of analysis? Degree of focus on coursework scenario and the tasks identified? Standard of Referencing? Standard of PresentationTechnology 2 – Coursework 1 – 2014/15 Rev 13/10/14 University of Salford3Typical Content1. Exploration/investigation of optional structural approaches, and an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of each option relative to its suitability for the building in question, taking into account the specific requirements that are relevant to that building.Factors/issuesFunctional and aesthetic requirements of the building, dimensional suitability, column positions, overall stability, spanning capability, requirements for fire protection, structural expression or not, integration of services, relationship between cladding and structure, elevation considerations etc.Optional structural configurations and materials, bracing/stiffening methods, connections between members/elements, typical spans, functional and aesthetic implications etc.Module Intended Learning Outcomes Addressed:Knowledge and UnderstandingOn successful completion of the module the student will be able to:•Selectively identify the functional requirements of typical industrial and commercial buildings.•Selectively identify and carefully select alternative types of building construction and their development.•Critically identify and describe the performance and characteristics of different building materials?and construction techniques using annotated sketches with supplementary text.•Evaluate, select, and apply an appropriate construction technique to suit a given scenario.Transferable/Key Skills and other attributesOn successful completion of the module the student will be able to:•Undertake independent study to achieve intended learning outcomes.•Communicate ideas and information using predominately graphical methods (i.e. annotated sketches) with accompanying written information.4. RETURN & FEEDBACK ARRANGEMENTSCoursework marks and feedback will be available within 15 working days of your submission and will be loaded into Blackboard.Technology 2 – Coursework 1 – 2014/15 Rev 13/10/14 University of Salford4IMPORTANT INFORMATIONI. OBLIGATION TO KEEP COPIES OF ALL WORKStudents MUST keep a spare copy of all work which they hand in as well as the receipt which is issued to them at the time of submission.II. PROVISIONAL NATURE OF MARKS & GRADESAll marks and grades issued to students are provisional until ratified by examination boards.III. LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSIONSSubmissions made after 16:00hrs on the fourth working day following submission will be deemed inadmissible and recorded as a non-submission.IV. ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONSIf the submission document file up-loaded to Blackboard is corrupt and cannot be viewed – This is classed as a NON submission. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure their submission material can be opened by others.To ensure your submission can be opened please follow this simple step:Go back to the submission area and the blue button that was labelled Submit will now be a button labelled View–select this button and what you see upon doing so will be the file/format that your Lecturer can see. If you can open and view the document then so can the lecturer.V. PENALTIES FOR LATE SUBMISSIONWhere coursework is submitted late, the following penalties shall be applied to the mark:(a) if the work is no more than four working days late, then five marks shall be deducted for each working day (08:30-16:00 Mon-Thursday or part thereof) , but if the work would otherwise pass then the mark for the work shall be reduced to no lower than the pass mark for the component(b) if the work is no more than four working days late and marked and the mark is lower than the pass mark, then no penalty shall be applied

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