Construction Finance, Accounting, and Risk Innovative Project

| June 6, 2016

Innovative Project Vehicles


From Chapter 5 of Pretorius et al 2008

Please answer each question in a clear and concise manner.

1. What is the goal for the public sector when entering into a private finance initiative (PFI) or public private partnership (PPP)?

2. In a PPP what is the public sector’s focus and what is the private sector’s focus?

3. What were the two qualifying criteria for a PFI established by Sir William Ryrie?

4. What are examples of hard infrastructure? What are examples of soft infrastructure?

5. What are the three types of PFIs?

6. What are the four features of PFIs?

7. What are the roles of the principal (public sector) and the promoter (private sector)?

8. Define a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

9. Define privatization.

10. Define outsourcing.

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