Concept (company name, what they tried to provide)

| March 29, 2017

Question”>Microsoft Live Expo, their experiment with classified listings”>launched in early 2006, will be shut down on July 31, says a notice posted on the site. New listings have already been suspended.

This comes”>Craigslistsolidifies its position as the top free listings service. Other services”>Kijiji(owned by eBay)”>Oodle(which”>partnered with Walmart) continue to grow. Recently Kijiji has made waves about”>impressive growth rate. And other classified listing startups continue to get funded.

There‚Äôs just no room for Microsoft in the classified listings space, it seems. It joins”>deadpool.

A screen shot of what it looked like in the good days is below.

.jpg” alt=””>

Explains the following:

Concept (company name, what they tried to provide) (any screenshots you can dig up of logo/website/etc. would be helpful)
Business & Revenue models (how they tried to make money)
Why did it not work? Bring out issues such as financial, market, staffing, etc., as comprehensively as you can.
What are the changes (at minimum) that you believe would have been necessary to make it survive?

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