Computation and Short Answer (80 points)

| September 12, 2019

Computation and Short Answer (80 points)

Question 1. 1.

Identify each of the following as examples of nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio scales of measurement. (4 points each)

A poll of registered voters in Florida asking which candidate they support

The length of time required for a wound to heal when using a new medicine

The number of telephone calls arriving at a switchboard per five-minute period

The distance first-year college football players can kick a ball

Mental health diagnoses present in an elderly population

The rankings of employees on their job performance

(Points : 24)


Question 2. 2.

Two hundred raffle tickets are sold. Your friend has five people in her family who each bought two raffle tickets. What is the probability that someone from her family will win the raffle?

(Points : 4)


Question 3. 3. Jolie has 45 minutes to do her statistics homework. If the mean is 38 minutes and the standard deviation is 3, calculate Jolie’s z score. Once calculated, interpret your findings in terms of Jolie’s performance.

(HINT: use the normal distribution and the probability that other students performed better or worse.) (Points : 8)


Question 4. 4. A psychologist measures units of change for a memory test after students are given an opportunity to sleep only four hours. The following change units were obtained: 7, -12, 4, -7, 3, -10. Find the a) mean, b) median, c) mode, d) standard deviation, e) range, and f) variance. (Points : 24)


Question 5. 5. A student scored 81 on a chemistry test and 75 on a history test. For the chemistry test, the mean was 70 and the standard deviation was 20. For the history test, the mean was 65 and the standard deviation was 8. Did the student do better on the chemistry test or the history test? Explain your answer. (Points : 12)


Question 6. 6. Suppose you want to figure out what to do with your degree in psychology. You ask some fellow students from your psychology program who recently graduated to find out what they are doing with their degree and how much it pays. What type of sampling is this? What are the limitations of this sampling approach? (Points : 8)


Question 7.7. Variables in which the values are categories are known as (Points : 4)

       Interval variables

       Nominal variables

       Ordinal variables

       Ratio variables

Question 8.8. Before the researcher can conduct a statistical test, the research question must be translated into (Points : 4)

       A testable hypothesis

       Additional observations

       Mathematical symbols


Question 9.9. The hypothesis stating that there are no differences, effects, or relationships is (Points : 4)

       The alternative hypothesis

       The baseline hypothesis

       The null hypothesis

       The reasonable hypothesis

Question 10.10. A group of students made the following scores on a 10-item quiz in psychological statistics: {5, 6, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 9, 9, 10, 10} What is the mean score? (Points : 4)





Question 11.11. A group of students made the following scores on a 10-item quiz in psychological statistics: {5, 6, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 9, 9, 10, 10} What is the median score? (Points : 4)





Question 12.12. A group of students made the followin

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