Component on the motherboard used primarily for processing

| September 29, 2018

the terms with their definitions.

1. volatile

a. component on the
motherboard used primarily for processing

2. hertz (Hz)

b. refers to
temporary memory that needs a constant electrical charge to hold data

3. bit

c. unit of
measurement for clock speed (frequency)

4. motherboard

d. a 0 or 1 used by
the binary number system

5. UPS

input/output system; firmware that controls much of a computer’s input and
output functions


provides a grounded surface on which to work

7. power supply

g. provides backup
power in the event that the power fails completely during a blackout.

8. data bus

h. largest and most
important circuit board in a computer

9. ground mat

i. box inside the
computer case that supplies power to the motherboard and other devices

10. CPU

j. lines on a bus
that the CPU uses to send and receive data.0001pt 0in; page-break-after: auto;”>Short
Answer QuestionsWrite
a brief answer to each of the following questions. 1. Based on what you
have learned in this chapter, when working on a Word document, why is it
important to save your work often? Explain your answer using the two terms,
primary storage and secondary storage.2. Why do you think
the trend is to store configuration information on a motherboard in CMOS setup
rather than by using jumpers or switches?3. Why would it be
difficult to install four hard drives, one CD-ROM drive, and one DVD drive in a
single system? 4. What is the purpose
of an expansion slot on a motherboard?5. What are some
important safety precautions to take when working on a computer system?

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