Comparison of Project Management methodologies

| April 30, 2016

Topic: Comparison of Project Management methodologies

Order Description
1.Choose one of the below topics to generate a detailed comparison research paper

• Waterfall versus Agile project management
• PMBoK versus Prince2 project methodologies
• Organizational change versus project change control
• PROSCI versus Kotter’s change management approaches

2. General information about the topics can be found in the ATTACHED lecture slides

3. Minimum of 8 references must be used, the more the better.

4. the most IMPORTANT part of the research is to include graphs, schedules, modelling and clear examples about the comparison

Kindly note the following details MUST be considered in writing the research as well:

? Clearly detail your research question or topic
? Provide key definitions if required
? Outline key findings from your literature review and inductive experience
? Make recommendations and draw a conclusion
? Provide a summary of your research and references
? Ensure correct quotations and citations

**The paper must also include a research summary that is an extended bibliography in tabular format. It must include all reference materials and a summary of the key concepts that have been drawn from them in the preparation of your paper. It should be no more than one page and is included in the page limit guidelines.

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