Compare and Contrast Human Services Organizations

| July 29, 2018

In a 3- to 4-page report, address the following:The history and scope of services of the selected human services organizationsThe administrative operations of each agencyThe legislation that has influenced the services and type of agencies selectedThe
major differences between the agency models of service delivery,
organizational structure, funding sources, and how they evaluate their
effectiveness (for example, outcome measures)Identify two provisional factors (for example, performance outcome measures) that have direct implications on direct service.Discuss their effects, positive or negative, on the agency as well as the service provider.Provide your opinion on the costs and benefits of regulated operational standards on the effectiveness of services.DiscussionDiscuss the influence of the competing views between the personal values and morals of the human services direct service provider that guide his or her work compared to that of the philosophy and theoretical approach of an organization in a professional environment. Cite some relevant examples to support your answer.Discuss the two theoretical approaches that are used by human services agencies to provide direct services.

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