Company financial Analysis

| March 14, 2016

Kindly select the company first and let me know.
Referencing to be done in Harvard
All financila ratio calculations must be shown and sources of figures reliable (Use an Annual report of a company to get these)
Due friday Midnight PST (29TH July)
A minimum of 10 pages, excluding reference page.

1. Assignment Question:

1. You are required to select any mature company within any one of the
following sectors:
i. Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
ii. Food and beverages
iii. Telecommunication
iv. Energy
v. Retail
vi Utilities

2. Using an appropriate financial platform (such Financial Analysis Made Easy – FAME; OSIRIS; Morning Star; Annual Reports etc.), obtain financial relevant information for your chosen company for a period of 5 years (for example 2009-2013).

3. Critically analyse the following aspects of performance over the period of 5 years.
i. Profitability
ii. Liquidity
iii. Efficiency
Iv Capital Structure
v. Stock market performance
You may select and use a maximum of 16 accounting ratios extracted over the period under consideration to support your analysis.

4. What are the main weaknesses associated with this type of analysis?

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