communication essay

| January 31, 2017

this essay should be around 800 words.

In your text, the authors explain assertive messages, also known as “I” Statements. The authors identify three important components of a complete “I” Statement:

• describing the other person’s behavior objectively

• describing your own feelings and taking responsibility for those feelings

• describing the consequences the other person’s behavior has for you

In your discussion, explain a time when someone else’s behavior created negative consequences for you, something like your sibling picking you up from Sinclair late. Make sure that the other person in your example is someone with whom you have an ongoing relationship and try to stick to a lower stakes conflict like this one.

Then provide an example of a complete “I” Statement you could have used or might use to discuss the issue with the other person. Use the three parts in your text in your statement. Explain what parts of the “I” statement satisfy each of the parts, so explain to us where you objectively described the other person’s behavior.

Finally, evaluate how well you think that using an “I” statement might help you manage the situation and communicate effectively with the other person. Support your opinion with evidence.

Incorporate the key chapter terms in your answer, these terms should be defined and properly cited in the post. Think carefully about your answer before you hit the “post” button. Remember: you cannot see what your classmates have written until you have posted your own answer.

In responses this week, after reading the classmate’s situation and their “I” Statement, offer an alternative “I” Statement and explain why you think it could work equally well to address the conflict. Be sure to identify all three parts of your alternative “I” Statement.

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