| May 27, 2018

you have 7 hours to answer all question from the book:    not an essay just answer the questionChapter three asks researchers to recognize the primary role of ethics in the process of research.  As demonstration of your close, critical reading of the chapter, please engage the following questions/observations:1.  Discuss the roles of deception and honesty in an ethical practice of research2.  Choose one of the two brief histories of the development of an ethical foundation for communication research and explain (in your own words) how the referenced event influenced the practice of communication research3.  Discuss some of the challenges of conducting Internet research4.  Choose one of the 4 Application Exercises – or create one of your own – and respond to the scenariobook name : Donald Treadwell (2017), Introducing Communication Research:  Paths of Inquiry, 3rd edition  SageISBN  978148379418

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