| May 27, 2018

you have 5 hours to do itFor example: if you have a music blog, you might look at an interview of the lead singer of a popular band. Locate a video interview online and respond to the video in a post to your blog as a critique.Write the blog as a commentary on presenting the subject adequately or correctly given the video profile. Do you agree or disagree with the portrayal- be specific in outlining why according to the following questions.What evidence is there that the interview was well conducted?What evidence is there that the interviewer needed to do more research?Is there a clear angle/ theme?How is the subject presented (refer to lecture)?Is the video (visual and audio) engaging?Weigh in on composition.*In APA format, include internal citations in the text of the blog post any time you quote, summarize, or paraphrase- reference ideas from the video profile you are critiquing.*Include a full citation for the video in APA format with the url.

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